Visual Computing

Advanced Video Analytics using State of the Art Methods in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)Algorithms for Scene Understanding & Visual RecognitionSmart Video Editing (use of Color Grading, Special Effects & Filters) based on Scene's Visual CompositionDigital Restoration & Colorization of Old B & W FilmsIdentify Camera Angles & Perspective (Close-Up, High / Low … Continue reading Visual Computing

Music Technology

Machine Learning based Algorithms for Song Writing and Music CompositionSearch Music Catalog for samples similar in Patterns, Rhythm & StyleSeparate Vocal and Instrumental Sounds in MusicSeparate Instrumental Tracks, such as Drums, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Flute etc..Suggest Background Music & Soundtracks to match the Audio-Visual content of the SceneExtraction of Song Lyrics from Music VideosMIDI Parser … Continue reading Music Technology

Audio Analysis

Identify Human vs Mechanical Sounds In the AudioClassify Ambiance Sounds by Detecting Clapping, Singing, Screaming, Whistles, Honking, Door Knock, Drilling, Gun Shots etc..Filter Unwanted Sounds, like Traffic or Mechanical Noise from the AudioAudio Transcription: create Subtitles by Converting Voice to TextVoice-Over: Generate Voice-Over Narrations using Synthetic Voice (Text to Speech)Vocal Intonations: Capture Vocal Intonations from … Continue reading Audio Analysis

Dialog Processing

Advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to process the Verbal and Vocal content in DialogsSentiment Analysis to detect the Tone of Conversation (e.g. Heated Argument vs Sympathetic Dialog)Humor Analysis to Detect Comedy or Funny DialogsAutomated Content Rating by detecting Abusive & Offensive LanguageTranslation & Dubbing: Translate Dialog content into multiple Foreign Languages Key Areas : Natural … Continue reading Dialog Processing

Multimedia Indexing

Easily Manage and Store Large Volumes of Media Files, including Stock Images, Graphics & Art Illustrations, Video Footages, Audio and Music samplesMeta-Data Extraction: Build Searchable Index with Intuitive Tags or KeywordsSearch Audio-Visual Content based on Keywords or DescriptionsSearch Engine to support Advance Queries Key Areas: Multimedia Analysis, Audio-Video Tagging, Metadata Extraction

Mixed Reality

Augment Real-World Surfaces, Objects or Places with 3D Animations & GraphicsConstruct 3D Models for Places or Objects, by Stitching 360 degree View Captured from Multiple Camera Angles and PerspectivesChroma-Key Effect to add or replace Background Layer without Green ScreenSmart Mirror to accessorize Face & Body PartsAugmented Body Suits to Try Fashion Accessories and Clothes in … Continue reading Mixed Reality


Product Features: capture High-Level Product Features that cover the Unique Style, Design, Colors, Pattern, Texture, Material from Product ImagesVisual Search: Search Catalog to find Products Similar in Style, Pattern, Design, Colors to given Input ImageAdvertising: display Product Ads for Clothing and Fashion Accessories similar to what the Actors or Models are wearing on ScreenSmart Mirror: … Continue reading Fashion

Sports & Action

Activity Recognition: recognize Sports Activities, like Swimming, Skating, Boxing, Cycling, Surfing, Yoga from Sports and Fitness VideosAdvertising: display Product Ads based on the Sports Activities detected, e.g. Boxing Gloves, Wet Suit, Skateboard, Mountain Bike etc during Games & MatchesVideo Highlights: Automatically generate Highlights for Sports Matches by detecting Loud Cheering, Clapping and Applause in the … Continue reading Sports & Action


Humor Analysis in Television SitcomsVisual Comedy: detect Visual Cues like Gestures, Actions, Facial Expressions which are indicative of HumorAnalyze Verbal and Vocal Expressions in Comedy ShowsInsert Laugh Tracks after Funny Scenes or Dialogs Key Areas: Humor Analysis, Situational Comedy (Sitcoms)


Contextual Ads related to the Visual Content on Screen: Fashion: display Ads for Fashion Accessories and Apparel similar to what the Actors or Models are wearing on ScreenGames & Toys: display Ads for Toys, Story Books, Comic Books and Action Figures by detecting Popular TV Characters, Cartoons and Superheroes (like Ironman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Pokemon, … Continue reading Advertising

Games & Animation

Character Recognition: Detect popular TV characters, Comic-Book Superheroes and Cartoons, like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Pokemon, Super Mario, Star Wars, Dora, Snow White etc, from Video Games and Animation Films..Rigging: Capture Hand Gestures, Facial Expressions, Body Movements from Real-Life Videos with Human Actors, and apply it on Animated Cartoon Characters..Character Generation: Generative Neural Networks to generate … Continue reading Games & Animation

Broadcasting Services

Classify television content or news into specific categories like: Stock Markets, Election Polls, Old Film Songs, Natural Disasters, Winter Olympics Sports, Live Concert etc.User Engagement: Time spent watching or listening to specific programs on Television or RadioCapture Trigger Points: identify specific content (e.g. violence) or commercial that triggered the user to switch to another station … Continue reading Broadcasting Services

Travel & Wild-Life

Identify Popular Destinations, Locations & Landmarks in Travel DocumentariesDisplay Ads for Holiday Packages and Travel Deals based on the Locations identified in Films and VideosDetect Outdoor Activities like Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Scuba Diving, Rafting, Sailing, Surfing, Fishing, Boating etc from Travel & Adventure VideosIdentify different Species of Birds, Animals, Fish & Insects from Wild-Life Documentary … Continue reading Travel & Wild-Life


Train Machine Learning models to Identify Famous Landmarks and Locations in Films and Videos.. Types of Geo-Tags include: Generic Terms like Beach, Desert, Snowy Mountains, Rainforest, Glaciers, Lake, Theme Park etc..Names of specific Cities or Countries: Canada, Antartica, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, Las Vegas, Africa etc..Tourist Attractions and Landmarks: e.g. Grand Canyon, Disney Land, Banff National … Continue reading Geo-Tagging

Object Detection

Machine Learning models to automatically detect "Objects" in variety of video genres: Video Games & Animation Films: detect Popular Fictional Characters, Comic Book Superheroes or CartoonsFashion: detect Fashion Apparel and Accessories worn by Actors or ModelsSports Videos: detect Team Logos, Country Flags, Banners or Sporting EquipmentsWild-Life Documentary Films: detect Species of Birds, Animals, Fish or … Continue reading Object Detection

Activity Recognition

Train Machine Learning models to detect Indoor - Outdoor Activities, such as Cooking, Reading, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Skating, Surfing, Hiking, Rock Climbing etc.. Applications in Advertising: detect Outdoor Sports & Adventure Activities to display Ads for related Sporting Equipments and Fitness Accessories, e.g. Boxing Gloves, Swim Suit, Skateboard, Mountain Bike, Hiking Shoes etc.. Detect indoor … Continue reading Activity Recognition

Facial Expressions

Capture Facial Expressions of Actors in Close-Up ShotsDetect Sentiments or Video Genres (Comedy, Tragedy, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Drama), from Facial Expressions of Actors or ViewersMap Facial Expressions of Famous Actors or Celebrities into Animated Cartoon Characters Keywords: Facial Features, Sentiment Analysis, Comedy, Horror

Motion Capture

Capture Body Postures and Movements in Dance, Sports & Action Videos without Kinetic Motion SensorsCapture Actions in Popular Dance Choreographies or Martial Arts ScenesSimulate Gestures & Body Movements of famous Actors, Athletes or Dancers in Animated Cartoon Characters Keywords: Martial Arts, Choreography, Sports & Action

Generative Neural Nets

Generative Adversarial Networks (or GANs) have gained lot of popularity in recent years to generate new artificial data by feeding deep learning models with real data samples.. The model learns to create new samples by following the same distribution or patterns as in the real data-set used for training.. Applications of GANs in Media & … Continue reading Generative Neural Nets

Style Transfer

Neural Style Transfer to produce Artistic Filters and Visual Effects in Still Pictures or Videos.. Sample Effects produced by Style Transfer: